Pamela Anderson, 56, looks as amazing as ever

People often think of models, glam, and beautiful clothes when they hear the words “Fashion Week.” But one very well-known person is turning that idea about fashion week on its head. If you’ve looked at fashion pictures from the last few weeks, you may have seen Pamela Anderson wearing something different than the other famous people around her. She has promised to try something new and different in the world of fashion.

Pamela Anderson is done trying to hide how beautiful she really is. During Milan Fashion Week, Anderson was caught on camera wearing beautiful clothes and having a fresh face. And it’s getting the attention of her well-known peers. Jamie Lee Curtis just praised Anderson on Instagram for being brave enough to back “the natural beauty revolution.” “THE NATURAL BEAUTY REVOLUTION HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN,” Curtis said on Instagram.

Gorgeous: Pamela Anderson showed off her natural beauty as she sported a minimal make-up look at the Isabel Marant show at Place Colette in Paris on Wednesday night

“Pamela Anderson was in the middle of fashion week, when there were a lot of stresses and poses, and this woman showed up with nothing on her face and took a seat at the table. I am so moved and inspired by this brave and rebellious act.”Several other actors agreed with Curtis and also said nice things about Anderson in the comments. “I love it. Selma Blair wrote that she had “beautiful self-assurance.”

“That’s pretty iconic,” Chelsea Handler said. “So beautiful,” agreed Alyssa Milano. Pamela also said a few words about her choice on her own Instagram. She posted pictures of her outfits from the week and wrote, “An adventure in Paris with fresh eyes…There is beauty in loving yourself and accepting your flaws.

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