This woman thinks she’s about to die, and then the doctor tells her what they found inside her.

It’s hard to describe how happy you feel when you find out you’re going to be a grandparent for the first time. Your beloved child is going to have a kid of their own. Maybe you’ll think a lot about your child when he or she is young.

You can almost hear them giggle and laugh like they did when they were kids. Now, they want to start a family of their own. When Alison Dent and her partner, Robert, heard that they were going to be grandparents soon, they both started crying. But Alison’s happiness didn’t last long. As soon as she heard the good news, she started to feel terrible stomach pains. She went to the hospital because she thought she might die.

Alison and Robert were about to hear some news that neither of them could have been ready for. Alison is English and was born in Darlington. She has had a number of health problems her whole life. Over 20 years ago, right after her only child, Kylie, was born, she woke up in the early morning hours. The Daily Mail says that Alison had a “routine” surgery to remove a part of her cervix after it was found that she had abnormal cervical cells. Because of this, she couldn’t have any more children.

She and Robert were sad because they had hoped to have more children. They were lucky to have a girl named Kylie. They raised her with all the love in the world, and they will always be thankful for that. So, when Kylie told everyone she was pregnant, everyone got emotional. Alison was having terrible stomach pain when she found out she was going to be a grandmother. “I went to the doctor, and two months after Kylie got pregnant, in March 2013, I was diagnosed with IBS,” says Alison.

Alison’s stomach was still making her feel bad. It grew quickly and started to feel too big. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a problem of the digestive system in which the stomach and intestines don’t work properly for unknown reasons. As time went on, Kylie got pregnant and had a healthy baby girl, whom she named Caseylee. Alison put on a happy face for the sake of her daughter and family. But she was afraid that she might not have much time with her beloved grandchild. Alison went to the ER again after three months because she was in terrible pain.

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