“When my husband brought the child into the house, I was nine months pregnant.” That day completely turned my life upside down.”

I got a nasty headache that day, in the evening. Even pain relievers were ineffective. I prayed that my husband (a doctor) would come home and give me an injection to relieve the pain. He soon returned home, but he wasn’t alone. He brought a newborn baby daughter with him. Who was this child? Whose was the child? He had a lover, and now he’s brought home their child?! I was nine months pregnant at the time. My husband raced over to console me, explaining that he discovered the baby in a basket near the entrance.

Out in the open? In such frigid temperatures?! Who in their right mind would abandon a toddler in the cold like that?! I appeared to be calm, but my fears didn’t go away.I began to have contractions. My spouse helped with the delivery and summoned an ambulance. My son was born to me. Both newborns were lying alongside me when the physicians arrived. My husband and I made up the story that I had given birth to twins. Fortunately, they trusted us and didn’t bother to check.

Furthermore, the children appeared to be brothers and sisters. Many years have passed. Our “twins” are in second grade now. We adore them both equally, and they get along fantastically. My spouse and I never questioned the validity of our adventure that night. I rarely consider the fact that I did not give birth to Anna. Even back then, my initial impression upon seeing the child was, “How could anyone abandon such a little princess?” She’s now a wonderful member of our family.

When I think back on that day, it fills me with dread. My spine is tingling with goosebumps.What would have occurred if we had not taken that risk? What if my husband hadn’t discovered the baby in the basket that evening? I can’t bear the thought of my daughter not surviving that freezing night! Fortunately, my husband was at the right place at the right moment.

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