14 dogs surrounded a little girl. The girl raised her hands to the sky and something incredible happened.

The brain similarities between humans and dogs explain why people and dogs have been best companions for centuries! Since people and dogs have coexisted for more than 30,000 years, scientists have discovered one of the reasons for their mutual understanding: amazing brain similarities between humans and dogs. Dogs and humans both respond to emotions presented by speech in the same way: research reveals that both dogs and humans have identical brain regions for this process.

This is how the film explains the unusual attachment between a small kid and a slew of German dogs. The young child had a great time playing with the 14 dogs, and the video quickly goes popular on the internet. The film depicts an entirely different perspective from the commonly held belief that these dogs are aggressive and hazardous around children.

Returning to the study, the data suggest that dogs love us for reasons other than food; rather, they show affection for us for the same reasons that people do, such as social comfort or interpersonal bonds. Previous research undertaken by American experts at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, indicated that humans and dogs share a brain area connected to pleasant feelings.

This study confirms what dog owners have long known intuitively: that their canine companions experience love and devotion. Her golden hair and blue eyes were creating waves in Hollywood.

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