This Actress with Distinctive Eyes Was a Famous Director’s Muse – She’s Now the Mother of a Beautiful Daughter

This popular person was originally ridiculed because of her appearance, but a filmmaker spotted something exceptional in her unique physical traits and made her a star after working with her multiple times. The celebrity is none other than Rossy de Palma, who was founded at a café in Madrid in 1986 by Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar.She has appeared in numerous of Almodóvar’s films, including “Law of Desire” (1987) and “Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown” (1988).

De Palma was notoriously described as “ugly and strange” by her home country’s biggest newspaper at the start of her acting career. Her eyes are uneven, and she has a long nose. Her left eye is green, whereas her right eye is brighter and rounder. She played Marian in Almodóvar’s 2016 drama film “Julieta,” twenty years after becoming a household figure as his muse. In October 2017, she starred in an ad for MAC Cosmetics.

In a November 2017 interview, de Palma responded, “I love makeup!” when asked if she has an ambivalent connection with cosmetics. She began experimenting with makeup at an early age after smelling her mother’s lipsticks. As an adolescent, de Palma and her pals enjoyed “playing with different makeup colors and creating risky looks,” she recalled. In an interview a month before her 52nd birthday in September 2016, de Palma discussed growing old candidly.

When asked about her upcoming birthday, the actress replied, “I feel 25 inside.” And who really cares? “I am grateful for my health because it is the most important thing.”De Palma had also made an expressional statement about her beauty during a May 1994 interview. The brunette beauty, who was 29 at the time, stated: “Perhaps I’m very attractive to some people and very repulsive to others.” But that is their issue, not mine.”On social media, many have complimented her physical features.

In August 2023, she shared a black and white photo of herself in full glam, posing solely from the side. Her admirers praised her beauty. “Flawless,” one commenter remarked in the comments area. Another commented, “Gorgeous,” with a heart emoji. Someone else wrote the song “Perfection.”De Palma, who co-starred in the 2017 comedy picture “Madame” with Toni Collete, Tom Hughes, Michael Smiley, and Harvey Keitel, has a beautiful daughter, Luna Garcia.

On her birthday, August 24, 2023, de Palma paid tribute to her child on Instagram. The pleased mother shared several photos of the mother-daughter combo.”Happy 24th,” the adoring mother captioned the image. I Love You Infinite My Love, My One & Only I am so proud of you, daughter; you are my most precious gift. One photo showed de Palma and her child looking gorgeous, with their hair arranged in buns and dangling jewelry.

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