Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Casserole

There are two things I am certain of. One of the best comfort foods for breakfast is biscuits and gravy. And two, adding a casserole dish to the equation with many foods frequently significantly increases the comfort food element. So, if you make biscuits and gravy into a casserole, doesn’t it become even more comfortable, a more fulfilling stick-to-your-ribs type of breakfast? The answer is, indeed, yes.

The appeal of this Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Casserole is not that it can be made ahead of time or that it cooks faster than the original version. No, it’s more about being able to serve up some good morning comfort to a large group of people from a single steaming hot baking dish. And how it affects the flavor. When you have biscuits and gravy, you have two distinct entities – biscuits and gravy. But when they’re baked together like this, they become one.

The biscuits absorb part of the creamy, savory gravy flavor as they bake, so instead of only serving as a platform for the gravy above them, every bite is infused with delight. And don’t imagine for a second that this will result in sogginess. Sogginess is not an issue.

The first layer of biscuits is placed in the oven alone for a few minutes to pre-bake. They take on just a bit of gold while you create the gravy, so they can withstand being topped with sausage gravy. The next layer of biscuits is placed on top, and the entire dish is returned to the oven, where the biscuits sink somewhat into the gravy but still emerge golden brown. It’s similar to how a dumpling absorbs some of the taste of whatever it cooks in. You get soft, flaky biscuits, but also a ton of soothing flavor.

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