The man was desperate for a son. She contacted him after giving birth and broke the news that left him stunned.

When I became pregnant, the first ultrasound revealed that I was carrying twins. This news surprised both my husband and me. It was difficult. Our older child was ten, and we had intended for one more child, a male, but we ended up with two. But there was nothing we could do but accept the prospect of having two more children. After all, it was fantastic!During my hospital visits, I would frequently ask the doctor, “Is everything all right?” “It appears that only one of them is moving.”

The doctors, on the other hand, assured me that “everything is fine.” My parents and sisters arrived to celebrate my birthday. We had a meeting, and I went to sleep. I rushed to my spouse the next morning and said, “Take me to the maternity hospital.” He drove me there, and I gave birth to triplets one hour later. During labor, two doctors assisted me. They left with two of the babies. “Wait!” I heard someone shout. It could be heard throughout the maternity ward.

A doctor rushed back with the two babies, who had become separated. When I looked at them, they were perplexed. How could there possibly be another child? “Call your husband,” they added as they handed me a phone. You’re in shock, and you might scare him, so just follow us.”I took the phone and asked, “Misha, if you’re driving, please stop the car.” He said, “I’m at home.” “Then sit down,” I instructed him.

“I’ve given birth, everything is fine,” I remarked as he sat down. “And who was born?” he inquired. “Two little boys and a lovely daughter,” I said. There was a little pause before he burst out laughing, adding, “Where there are two, there’s a third!” They brought my three children, and it was a memorable occasion.

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