She posts pictures and videos of herself in bikinis and form-fitting dresses all the time, but when she reveals how old she really is, people simply can’t believe it!

Looking at Joan Richmond-Woodhouse, one sees a great-grandmother in her 60s. But when they learn the truth about her, they are astounded to learn that she is a grandmother to 18 people. Most people would mistake her for a woman in her golden years, but this is due to how youthful she appears, not just in her physical shape, but also in her spirit. This great-grandmother has over 33,000 devoted followers, and she uses her celebrity to share healthy living methods and tips.

People never believe I'm 92 and look this good in a bikini - but I never  diet and eat whatever I want | The Sun

In a recent video, she told her followers, “In order to stay happy, you have to stop stressing about things.” I mean, it’s absurd! It’s pointless to worry since everything happens whether you worry or not. So why bother worrying at all, you understand? It’s just a part of life.” The 92-year-old great-grandmother still looks 60. This great-grandmother lives by one mantra: if you want to look like her, you must love life. She frequently says, “If you enjoy life, you will look like me.”

This woman is so comfortable in her own herself that she doesn’t mind wearing bikinis or form-fitting outfits. For those who are curious about Joan Richmond-Woodhouse’s age, she is 92 years old! Despite this, she appears to be in her 60s. And she has a small trick to looking thirty years younger: she doesn’t allow minor inconveniences bother her.Late and her great-grandmother migrated to the European country of Spain in 2002. Her late husband, Trevor Woodhouse, was a retired solicitor.

People never believe I'm 92 and look this good in a bikini - but I never  diet and eat whatever I want | The US Sun

She is now content with her life with David Winder, her 80-year-old partner and retired cargo organizer. The pair lives in Costa Calida, Murcia, Spain, and, to be honest, she is as motivating as one can be with how effortlessly she lives her life and enjoys it to the utmost. So, what makes this great-grandmother look so young for her age? Joan, on the other hand, stands by her trusted Nivea lotion, claiming that she has been using it since she was 16 years old.

She also remembers to moisturize her entire body at least once a week. In a prior interview, she claimed, “I don’t know how to behave like a 91-year-old- I just act the same as I did when I was 21.” I’ve always appeared young, and people are constantly surprised when I tell them my age since I don’t look, talk, or act 91.” Joan continued, “I don’t do anything special to stay young-

I love pies and English grub, so I’ve stuck to eating that even in Spain.” I enjoy wearing a bikini to the beach with my granddaughter. I’ve never gained any weight. I believe that is my key to my youthful appearance, and I simply enjoy life and have never considered myself to be old.” But this great-grandmother didn’t have it easy throughout her life, as she battled colon cancer, but she never let it get her down.


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