Can you figure out what horrible secret is hidden in this family photo?

You’ll have chills down your spine when you learn why this photo has gone viral. At first glance, this photo could be any old cheerful snapshot from Grandma’s collection. You could be forgiven for assuming that the image just shows a happy family of four adults lounging on the couch. However, there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Something odd is lurking inside, and it’s driving internet fans insane. Is everything finally starting to make sense? Someone is hiding inside the couch. If you look closely, you can see an eye staring out from under the couch pillows.

However, this is not the only disturbing photo that has everyone freaked out. A portrait of a family of five has attracted the eye of many for a very particular reason. At first glance, this snapshot appears to be entirely typical, with a father, a mother holding a baby in her arms, two sisters, and their dog.

However, if you look closely, you will notice an unsettling feature that is difficult to explain. If you look at the left side of the photo, you’ll notice an arm hugging the younger sister, however, that arm does not belong to anyone in the picture. So, who might it be?

While some believe it is a ghost, those who do not believe in ghosts or the supernatural claim it is photoshopped. Whatever it was, the snapshot generated a commotion on the Internet and quickly went viral. Take a look at this image and make your own decision. Do you have any idea how this is possible?

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