“I didn’t expect ‘Take your son and get out of our apartment’ from my parents when I arrived at their place late at night.”

When my spouse and I disagree, my parents always side with him. They claim I have a fast temper and tend to exaggerate things. What surprised me was when they refused to admit me after another debate. My spouse arrived home from work that day and instantly ordered dinner. I informed him that I had the day off today.

I went to the salon for a manicure and to see a buddy. I had no time to make dinner. He began yelling at me at that point. “I worked all day so you could spend money at beauty salons.” And you can’t even make soup for my son and myself in the evening.” His remarks, and the manner in which he said them, were the final straw for me.

I didn’t keep my mouth shut; I told him everything. I yelled even while gathering my belongings and dressing our son. My husband made no attempt to stop me. He simply sat on the couch, waiting for dinner to be delivered.

I decided to visit my parents. But they refused to accept me. “Take your son and leave our apartment,” my mother said. How could she possibly support him?She advised me to prioritize my family and stop thinking about beauty salons. My father even stated that if I had been his wife, he would have kicked me out a long time ago. I didn’t have a choice. I needed to get home and apologize to my spouse. But I still can’t believe my folks turned me down.

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