Lauren Cohen Becomes Oldest Woman To Birth Twins In The U.S. But Wait Till You See Her Kids Today

Lauren Cohen, who was nearly 60 years old at the time, gave birth to male and female twins in 2006. The mother of two from Paramus, New Jersey, should have been overjoyed to welcome twins into the family, but she couldn’t have predicted her eldest daughter’s reaction. Lauren had been separated from her former spouse for two years when she met Frank Garcia during a dancing class in New Jersey in 2002.

Despite the fact that he was 20 years her junior, they fell in love at first sight.”I never imagined he’d be interested in a woman so much older.” “He was a fantastic dancer, so I asked him to dance one night, and he agreed,” Lauren explained. Lauren and her husband married in July 2002, and she quickly recognized that her spouse was keen to create a family. They attempted in vitro fertilization to conceive a family, but due to her advanced age, several doctors denied her.

A Virginia facility accepted her in January 2004, but the couple gave up after four failed IVF treatments. A doctor in New Jersey eventually agreed to assist, and the couple conceived a kid. Raquel, their first daughter, was born in December 2004 as a result of in vitro fertilization. Lauren discovered she was pregnant with twins less than a year after Raquel was born.

Lauren gave birth to twins Gregory and Giselle on May 22, 2006, just before her 60th birthday, through in vitro fertilization with donor eggs. whatever it takes to live as long as I can,” she said. “I’ve decided to see them through college. I have to keep going for another 17 years – until I’m 81.

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