I felt compelled to assist a young boy who was crying on the road. I had no idea how this event would affect my life.

My husband and I had been married for three years but had no children. Doctors indicated there was nothing wrong with me, but my spouse refused to raise a family.He admitted to having another lady in his life one day, and it turned out she was pregnant. I didn’t want to save our relationship any longer. I couldn’t work in that condition and needed to rest. I couldn’t hold back my emotions on the drive home.

Suddenly, I spotted a small boy crying as well. He informed me he had run away from home and didn’t want to return since his mother was associated with several men and was pregnant with one of them. I explained why I was crying and invited the boy to tea. I told him he needed to return to his mother, who may modify her ways.

The youngster was staring at photos of my spouse and me on the wall while I was washing my hands. And it turned out that the man with whom his mother had an affair was my spouse. To say I was taken aback would be an understatement.

When I asked where the boy’s father was, he claimed he lived in the village with his grandma. I made the decision to take the boy to his father. I told my husband the whole tale, and he was delighted to look after his son. I visited the boy’s mother.I told her everything and threatened to tell my husband the truth if she objected to the boy visiting his father. She concurred. Years passed, my husband and I married, and we are now expecting our first kid. I’m overjoyed.

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