Imagine a 12-foot python crawling up your toilet from nowhere. This is exactly what happened in Thailand

Snakes are both fascinating and beautiful animals to look at. But it’s preferable if they stay in their original settings… My worst fear is a snake in my house since I honestly don’t know what to do. Consider a 12-foot python crawling up your toilet from nowhere. This is exactly what happened in Thailand, and images from the incident are being extensively circulated on the internet. On March 17, a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, had a horrifying experience when a python emerged from their toilet bowl.

Following the distressing incident, a wildlife crew was dispatched to aid in liberating the 12-foot-long snake that had become entangled in the toilet’s plumbing. According to News Flare, Suwi Paramas, a housewife, was washing her hands after using the restroom when she witnessed a startling event. A massive yellow-green reptile burst into the bathroom, scaring her to the core.

Suwi fled the room because she was terrified. After hearing her screams resonate throughout the house, her husband and brother-in-law instantly decided that something was badly wrong. They were rescued after the family phoned the emergency services. The snake was secured by the wildlife crew using a specialized tool, as seen in video footage. Two men attempted to coax the python out but were unsuccessful. It was difficult to retain control, and things worsened.

“I was terrified. I couldn’t even watch how they caught the snake. According to News Flare, Suwi claimed, “It could have killed me.” Even though the snake was still entangled in the u-bend, a bent section of piping, the decision to break the porcelain basin was approved by the family. Its massive stomach, on the other hand, made it impossible to lift it straight out of the hole. The wildlife crew had to disassemble the pipework and extract the snake from the other side in order to ensure the safety of both the snake and the plumbing system.

Everything was handled properly, which was fortunate because things could have gone very differently. There were no injuries recorded, and the snake was gently removed with the intention of returning it to its natural environment. I’m hoping this odd snake will be around in the future. This isn’t the first time a python has been sighted in a Thai bathroom; they usually appear during the summer season in search of cool, wet spaces.

There were a lot of alarming instances involving snakes in restrooms in Southeast Asia in 2021. A big 8-foot-long python bit a man in the buttocks before being pulled from the toilet. In 2016, a 10-foot python escaped from a squat toilet and bit into the penis of a Thai man, sending him to the hospital.

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