Newborn Was Called Ugly but Now She’s Grown into an ‘Absolutely Beautiful Little Lady

A woman loved her kid after referring to her as “ugly” after her birth. Many people, however, chastised her for her allegedly harsh statements. Years later, the infant redeemed herself by growing up to become a “absolutely beautiful little lady!”Lucy Baehr was like any other mother who anticipated her newborn baby to be adorable. However, the Arkansas resident claimed that her baby arrived looking completely different, and her story went viral because it was so unusual and humorous.

Baehr struggled to conceive for a long period and suffered multiple losses before abandoning the goal of increasing her family. The mother already had two children: Harper, her daughter, and Cole, her stepson.In order to fill the void in her life, she and her family adopted their third puppy in September 2019. However, fate had other plans for her when she realized she was pregnant with a daughter in February 2020!

Baehr considered her newborn daughter, Reese, to be a miracle, but the child’s arrival was something she would never forget. The mother of three recalled the first time she saw her baby girl, saying: “I’m pretty sure I looked at my husband and was like, ‘She’s healthy?'”The new mother was taken aback when she saw how different her daughter appeared from her lookalike. The Arkansas mother remembered Reese having a large nose, and when Harper first held her little sister, she noticed the stark difference.

As excited as Baehr’s daughter was to be an older sibling, she couldn’t help but notice Reese’s “weird” expression when she glanced up at her mother. Her mother assuaged her conscience by explaining that Harper was not mistaken in her outlook. Most people are aware that it is frowned upon for mothers to state their children aren’t attractive, but Baehr bravely traveled down that path using TikTok. When asked about a trend in which parents revealed they expected a cute-looking newborn but received the reverse, the mother of three chuckled and said she’d won it hands down!

The campaign was called “The Ugly Baby Challenge,” and the woman’s video went viral on TikTok. Her video got over 22 million views at one point, with her chuckling as she claimed that some people thought her daughter looked like “Mr. Bean” or “Harry Potter’s” Dobby! After becoming viral, Baehr was featured in a “Today” show clip in July 2021, when she related her amusing experience. Many of her TikTik followers’ remarks were lighthearted, with one claiming Reese looked “like a villager.”

Another individual laughed and commented that the tiny girl was undoubtedly “her father’s child.” Someone else complained about women having to go through nine months of nausea and drama only for their children to come out “looking like their dads,” while another apologized: “Sorry, but she looks like ‘Mr. Bean.'”While many social media users perceived Baehr’s message as harmless entertainment, others did not.

Some individuals thought making fun of the child was inappropriate, and posting footage on social media was also frowned upon. Some people, according to Baehr, would make comments about her being a “horrible mom.” Critics predicted that Reese’s self-esteem would suffer as a result of the popular post, but her mother justified her conduct, saying she was simply trying to be honest.The mother of three claimed that she was attempting to normalize the appearance of newborn babies. She assured that Reese was “fine,” promised to inform her about the post one day, and stated that the entire incident would be documented in the little girl’s baby book.

Baehr also expected her daughter to have a terrific sense of humor like her! The Arkansas woman was attempting to warn mothers that not all children were born flawless, and that was fine. In May 2023, Baehr posted another update about her daughter, showing her having fun with other kids in an inflatable swimming pool for the holidays. Harper and Reese featured together in a black-and-white Instagram snap the same month.

In the video, the siblings bond over a tablet while eating popsicles. Reese reappeared in another of her mother’s Instagram photos a few months later, in September 2023. This time, she appeared alongside her buddies, who were suited up as soccer players with balls in hand. That same month, the three-year-old girl, her parents, and siblings went on a boat ride on White River, despite Baehr’s warning that such an activity should not be done with a kid that young.

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