4 Reasons Your Mom Is The Greatest Human Ever

There are a million reasons why your mom is the best person in your life, whether or not you’ve said any of them to her recently. Moms are fearless, magnificent people who comprehend the depths of love better than anybody else, and on Mother’s Day, we need to let them know that the feeling is definitely mutual. They carried us in their stomachs, enduring constant vomiting and stretch marks in the process, and pushed us out into the world enveloped in their unfailing motherly love for as long as you live.

Old woman in poverty sitting on street

In fact, any woman who freely cares for another human being deserves to be recognized. It’s one of the most difficult professions a person can have, and while Mother’s Day is the designated day on the calendar when you give your mum credit for all her efforts, you should ideally show your thanks to this incredible woman all year. Ascertain that her sacrifices have not gone unappreciated. Thank you a million times over. Make her feel like the most special lady on the planet on Mother’s Day… because she is.

So call your mother, get her something lovely, and tell her how wonderful she is. And, as if you needed any more convincing, here are just a handful of the many reasons why she is the most wonderful person you know 1. She is supportive of anything you do. Remember when you told her you were marrying JTT? Remember when you thought it was hip to wear baggy pants and tie-dyed shirts? Remember how you claimed you wanted to be a ballerina during the day and a ninja at night? She was always rooting for you.

And it wasn’t easy, I’m sure.2. Because she is your best supporter. She proudly exhibited your sloppy kid drawings on her desk at work, she admired your emo love poetry in high school, and she will be proud of you no matter what you choose to do in life. 3. Because she is courageous. Being a mother is a courageous deed. Not only is the act of giving birth terrifying and all too real, but loving someone so deeply that you give them the opportunity to make their own decisions is even more terrifying.

If that isn’t bravery, I don’t know what is. 4. Because she is always correct. You may now look back at the guy you thought was “so hot” in college and admit that your mother was correct about him being wrong for you. Only his leather jacket made him fascinating.

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