A group of soulful Navy Sailors takes the stage to perform songs from the 1960s, but wait till the music begins.

Some tunes are timeless. The audience had no idea what to expect when the ensemble Sea Chanters, comprised of five naval personnel, took the stage to perform. When the sailors began to sing, however, the audience’s expectations were exceeded. The Sea Chanters began their performance with their backs to the audience.

The crowd was left wondering what they’d be singing with an orchestra in the backdrop. Following the pace, the five sailors turned around to sing great 1960s tunes and delight their audience. In the distance, audience members can be seen swing dancing, singing along, and infectiously smiling and laughing with the men.

Everyone clearly liked the performance as much as the sailors did singing to them. The Sea Chanters succeeded in making everyone in the audience smile. Sometimes all you need is a little love and inspiration from your favorite 60s songs.

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