Things from the 1970s We Miss

We have a blast from the past for you today. Remember when life was easier and there weren’t a million apps to distract us? We’re going to take a groovy trip down memory lane with a wonderful film that highlights 12 things from the 1970s that have gone forever. The joys of hitchhiking! Back in the day, sticking out your thumb could get you a lift from a friendly stranger. Who can forget Saturday mornings spent eating sweet cereal and watching cartoons, only to be schooled by Schoolhouse Rock? We liked it because it was sneaky.

Oh, and the Patty Hearst saga that played out on television! It felt like we were watching a Hollywood film; we were all transfixed to our televisions, wondering if it was genuine. Remember when TV stations would turn off at night, leaving just a test pattern or the American flag to stare at till the next morning? How could we forget those form-fitting shirts with massive floppy collars? And the sideburns that seemed to get longer with each passing decade! Can’t you just picture Burt Reynolds with those mutton chops?

The vibrant and bold floral-patterned sofas that took center stage in our living rooms were a sight to behold. Then there were the small automobiles like the Ford Pinto, AMC Gremlin, and AMC Pacer – these were ugly, but they saved us money on petrol! When Saturday Night Fever hit the big screen, disco fever swept the country, and we were all dancing to the melodies of ABBA, Donna Summer, and the Bee Gees. But what was the most weird fad of the 1970s?

Streaking! Running around nude in public certainly got people’s attention, and Ray Stevens even sang about it in “The Streak”! And who can forget the never-ending slide displays of our neighbors’ vacations? We’d sit quietly, seeming to be interested while inwardly begging for it to finish. Prepare to be immersed in these memories and more with the video. Like it and share it with your friends since it’s likely to elicit some lively remembering! Let’s bring those funky vibes back!

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