A Chinese make-up artist became Mona Lisa for a day. The result will Shock you

Hee Yuhong is a well-known Chinese makeup artist and blogger. The girl frequently devises novel cosmetic ideas and manifests astonishing reincarnations in both famous people and entire pieces of art. So one of her subscribers suggested to the makeup artist that she try to transform herself into… Mona Lisa!

Hee gladly accepted the task. Her video is only 30 seconds long, yet reincarnation can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Only only professionals are capable of completing such thorough job.

The most crucial component of this makeup was identifying where the shadows should fall on the face in order to accurately reflect the image’s architecture. Furthermore, the girl used special adhesive to seal her brows and toned them so that they appeared to be absent, much like Mona Lisa herself.

Subscribers have once again demonstrated that Hee Yuhong is a true master of her craft. On the girl’s Instagram, there are several iterations. Her primary responsibility is this. However, as her talents as a makeup artist demonstrate, she is also an exceptional artist.

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