“There’s no need to search for us. I’ve met the love of my life. We went to him.”

They first met in a movie theater. She was a ticket checker who came to see a movie. He invited her out, and they began dating. They married soon after.was born into a difficult family. Her parents were alcoholics who couldn’t work. Aside from them, there were three additional children in their household. Her parents received child support, which they frequently spent on alcohol. I didn’t know how to do any housework, but I didn’t complain.

He attempted to teach her all she needed. Their daughter was born nine months later. She struggled to care for her; she didn’t get along with the youngster and frequently yelled at her. tried to explain to his wife that such behavior with a child was inappropriate. However, he paid little attention to his statements. When I returned home one day, Maria and the child had vanished. “You don’t need to look for us,” a letter on the kitchen table said. I discovered the love of my life.

“We left,” he was over himself with concern. He called all of her friends and went to her parents’ house, but he couldn’t find her. Then he realized she could be at her coworker’s apartment. He got into his car and drove to the residence of her coworker. The door was ajar. An intoxicated acquaintance was sleeping in the bedroom and seated on the floor, covered in mud, with some documents.

yelled harshly at the hostess. He yelled at her like a lunatic. “How about me?” “I came, left the child, and left.” Yuri filed for divorce and chose to leave. The tiny child grew up unaware of her mother’s absence. She even taught herself to braid her hair, assisted her in school, and took wonderful care of her. She adored her father and never inquired about her mother. He believed he couldn’t remarry since no other lady would accept his daughter as her own. They lived as a tiny family, without the need for anyone else.

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