Everyone in our family was expecting a boy, and there was no talk of anything other. And this is what happened when I had a girl.

We were expecting our first child a few years ago. We opted to find out the gender of the baby at the three-month mark of the pregnancy. I was quite excited about having a son. I had always wished for a son as my first child. However, the baby did not reveal its gender during the scan. The baby didn’t appear to want to reveal its secret. Perhaps it was because I voiced a great wish for a son and everyone in our family convinced me that it would be a boy.

My mother-in-law once commented that my tummy resembled hers during her pregnancy with my husband. My grandmother told me that craving sour foods was an indication that I was having a boy. Finally, I accepted that it would be a boy and began brainstorming names with my husband. I looked up other names and their meanings, but neither of us liked any of them. I met a young family with a newborn baby one day while wandering in the park near our house. Artemiy was the name given to the gorgeous infant.

“What an interesting name!” I said to the young mother. “Who made the decision?” “He did it himself,” she said. I tried many names when he was still in my womb, but he didn’t reply. Only after I mentioned ‘Artemiy’ did he start moving. “I noticed he liked that name.” She advised me to do the same because the baby inside you has the strongest connection with you and will undoubtedly react.

So I took her advice. When I arrived home, I sat down on the bed and began calling out different male and female names. The baby made no response. Just for kicks, I mentioned a few more female names, and the baby began kicking. But, when the second ultrasound revealed that it was a boy, I didn’t think about it too much. When the girl was born, I remembered this story. Despite what our relatives stated and what the ultrasound showed, I welcomed a beautiful princess with a pre-determined name into the world.

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