Fettucine Aglio e Olio

I understand what you’re thinking. What exactly does “I Oy” mean? My Italian family pronounced Aglio e olio pasta this way. A traditional Italian pasta sauce made with good olive oil, toasted garlic, fresh herbs, and lemon. “I Oy” is a tasty garlic pasta with a catchy name. Because my mother didn’t use much salt in her pasta water, she would sprinkle parmesan on top at the end to add a little extra seasoning.

When I was younger, I wasn’t opposed to it. We now liberally salt our water… no more pinches. At my mother’s house, this is a family favorite, especially with broccoli and chicken. You’re going to adore it! These are elegant buttered noodles. We all grew up loving and eating noodles. It’s simply a way of life. If you’ve never made I Oy before, it’s definitely worth a shot. Recipes with few ingredients and a low cost are my jam.

Technically, I Oy is an excellent approach to learn how to make, sauce, and season pasta. According to Samin Nosrat, the rules of flavor are salt, fat, acid, and heat. Add salt to the pasta water. The olive oil contains fat, the lemon contains acid, and the garlic chili oil contains heat. We use the pasta water not only to stop the cooking of the garlic and chili, but also to help infuse some of those flavors, such as parmesan, into the al dente pasta.

That is correct, al dente. It’s fine if you prefer your pasta soft, but finish it in the fragrant garlic chili oil water. Taste your pasta in the water, then cook until al dente and set aside your pasta water.We discussed how low-cost and few-ingredient meals are my jam, but that’s just half the story. I enjoy dishes with minimal ingredients, but I sometimes invest on high-quality components for recipes that require more effort. I have an unhealthy obsession with food.

Don’t get me wrong: this dish is fantastic using Kraft sprinkle cheese and jarred minced garlic. There’s something special about grating a fresh block of Parmigiano Reggiano or slicing paper thin garlic for crispy, garlicky bits in this pasta. It’s very Italian to little, but the components are of high quality. Purchase some fresh pasta or a creative pasta form for yourself; you deserve it!

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