This Nervous girl is the last to audition and breaks down on stage in tears before Simon’s decision.

Everyone knows that no matter which program he is on, Judge Simon Cowell is the hardest critic. He freely shares his thoughts and opinions to contestants, even if it may damage their feelings. This, however, is what distinguishes him as a judge. He never gives unjustified praise or compliments, so you know it’s genuine and true when he does. For ‘The X Factor UK’ 6 Chair Challenge, Simon’s squad was reduced to six competitors.’

He was forced to reduce the talent to only six persons. There was just one contestant remaining after the auditions, and he had already chosen his final six. To make the last six, the final contestant would have to outperform the current finalists. When Olivia Garcia, sixteen, walked the stage for her audition, she was under a lot of pressure. Olivia was obviously apprehensive, and her voice trembled as she introduced herself. Despite being the final contestant, she was determined not to give up without a fight.

Olivia chose Paloma Faith’s “Changing” for her audition song. Simon was his normal dubious self as Olivia began to sing. Her wavering voice revealed her nervousness, but it immediately became stronger. Olivia seemed to dig deep about halfway through the song and belted it even louder than before. As the audience began to applaud, the judges were clearly impressed. Simon realized he had to make a difficult decision.

The audience gave the little artist a standing ovation, which reduced her to tears. The judges were really impressed with her performance. According to judge Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia deserved to be in Simon’s final six.”Right now, Olivia, you’re about to make my life very difficult because I have to give you a chair,” Simon stated when his turn came to speak. That was incredible.”

The audience exploded as Simon reviewed his current top six, frantic to determine who to keep and who to delete. The present batch of six female performers on stage were afraid. After much consideration, Simon ultimately assigned Olivia Seat #3, and the remaining five females sighed with relief. Olivia Garcia’s audition was nerve-racking, but she persisted. Simon’s last six was, well, final.

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