She was making waves in Hollywood with her golden hair and blue eyes. Time, however, totally transformed her

Kathleen Turner rose to prominence as a sex icon in the early 1980s. Her appearance has altered dramatically since then, yet she remains a well-known personality in Hollywood. She featured in a number of films alongside A-list stars such as Steve Martin, Michael Douglas, and Jack Nicholson, but her acting career waned over time. Turner revealed in 1994 that she had an autoimmune illness that caused her great pain and fevers, affecting her ability to perform.

As a result, her popularity in the entertainment industry decreased. Despite this setback, she was nominated for numerous awards for her acting ability, demonstrating that you don’t have to be gorgeous or famous to be successful in the entertainment industry. In the early 1990s, Turner was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease. As a result, word circulated that she had become a heavy drinker in an effort to alleviate the discomfort of her ailment.

Turner posted an essay in 2009 about her battle with rheumatoid arthritis. Her anxieties about physical attractiveness and sexiness suddenly paled in comparison to the difficulty of simply walking without pain. Turner rose to prominence as Jessica Rabbit in the 1988 picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Following a life-changing diagnosis, the actress was placed on a variety of medicines, which had a tremendous impact on her physical appearance.

This sparked public speculation that she had become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Rather than responding to the rumors, she kept silent, facing the press’s constant condemnation of her transformation. Her new appearance was the result of the side effects of her doctors’ treatments and medications, which were beyond her control.

Turner’s long battle with rheumatoid arthritis is finished, and she credits her health to daily gymnastics and Pilates exercises. Her 23-year marriage to real estate mogul Jay Weiss ended in divorce in 2007. We can be thankful that, despite her medical difficulties, she was able to take control of her health and conquer the challenges that her situation offered.

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