Package Shipped In 1971 Finally Gets Delivered 50 Years Later

Something odd recently appeared outside the Russo family’s home. It was a package, which wasn’t all that unusual, but this one was out of the ordinary. Stephanie Russo told WPTV News that they discovered two parcels outside their door. They didn’t pay much attention to them at first because they get a lot of shipments, especially lately.

However, it was only when they opened the packages that they discovered anything strange. There were two very vivid posters on the inside, but the Russos understood they hadn’t ordered or desired posters.

Stephanie stated that they took a closer look and found the postmark was dated March 1971. That’s when they noticed the posters were arriving 50 years late. Rather than dismissing this as a unique anecdote heard on sometimes, they proceeded to seek out the actual receiver. They tracked down the previous owner of the house and discovered that they lived in the Atlanta area.

The previous owner, John Feigert, was only 13 years old in 1971. He knew his father had frequently bought marketing materials from businesses, so he assumed this was just one of those orders that had gotten misplaced somewhere along the line.

“I think recently, obviously, someone found it, and I think they knew,” he explained. When they saw the date, I believe they thought, “I’ve got to send this on.” Russo chose to keep one of the posters while giving the other two to Feigert. Watch the following interview:

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