No-Boil Slow Cooker Lasagna

I enjoy lasagna, but I despise boiling lasagna noodles. It’s laborious, they always cling together, and to be honest, I prefer to avoid unnecessary processes if possible. So, while I usually bake my lasagna in the oven, it’s usually a no-boil dish. Even yet, lasagna is still more of a weekend job for me – it takes so long that I don’t make it on weeknights when my free time is limited. But it turns out that you can prepare lasagna in your slow cooker without cooking the noodles.

It’s a layer-up, close the lid, press a button, and walk away lasagna, which means your slow cooker can do the work while you take your kids to soccer practice.To begin, you will need two jars of marinara sauce. While you could easily add meat to this, we’re going for speed and convenience, so bottled sauce is the way to go. Layer a little on the bottom of your slow cooker, exactly like you would in a baking pan.

Make your ricotta mixture next. Simply combine some ricotta, parmesan, an egg, mozzarella, Italian spice, fresh basil, and salt and pepper. Your lasagna noodles will be the first layer. Purchase a no-boil variety — I prefer Barilla flat sheets, but any will do. Break them up to make an even single layer……and then top with a layer of the ricotta mixture…… followed by another layer of noodles and a layer of marinara.

Repeat those layers twice more, then top with mozzarella.Then close the lid on your slow cooker, click a few buttons, and walk away. There’s no need to preheat the oven, no need to worry about cheese clinging to the foil, and no need to worry about timing. This can cook while you’re at work, conducting errands, or chauffeuring your children.

You give up a little texture for the sake of convenience here — the noodles are softer than your baked variety — but we all need a little convenience from time to time. And weeknight lasagna that’s as cheesy, simple, and warm as you could desire… What more could you ask for?

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