When the expectant father walked away from the pregnant girl, he had no idea how his life would change.

Dasha has always adored children and knew she would have a large family even as a child. Fate was nice to her and bestowed twin girls on her. Dasha’s lover, the prospective father, vanished without a trace as soon as she told him the fantastic news.He had no idea how life would repay him when he left the hospital after meeting the pregnant girl. Dasha’s fights began prematurely, but happily, everything went out OK.

The young mother couldn’t take her eyes off her daughters. Despite the fact that their father had abandoned them, she had never expected to be so joyful.Dasha was fortunate to have a home to live with her children thanks to her mother’s assistance. Her mother had retired and could care for the girls throughout the day. Dasha resolved to return to work as soon as possible in order to provide her children with everything they required. Life gradually began to improve.

Many years have passed since the twin girls were born. Dasha worked hard and earned the respect of her bosses. She was elevated to the position of corporate deputy manager. It appeared that a fresh chapter in her life had begun until she ran across her ex-boyfriend again. He was pleasantly surprised to see her again. She was no longer the frightened girl he remembered. She was business-oriented, confident, and dressed in an expensive suit and high heels. He was astonished to find that he would be interviewed by Dasha and that her decision would determine whether or not he got the job.

Dasha relished every aspect of the event; she felt like a genuine victor. Fate has fully repaid the traitor. When they entered the office, Mykita (her ex-boyfriend) began pleading for forgiveness and a job in the company. Dasha simply chuckled at his antics before calling security. The man failed the interview.Dasha smiled as she remembered the situation. She used to think it was unjust that fate had given her two children but had taken away her husband. But now she realizes she was given two gifts. She got her kids and got rid of a complete failure.

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