The little girl who sang “Cuckoo” on the “Voice” project has grown up and become a lovely young woman.

This small girl brilliantly played the song “Cuckoo” on a popular children’s show four years ago. What is her current fate? The baby sang Viktor Tsoi’s song so passionately that she remains a leader in the enormous virtual space. Yaroslava’s performance has now been viewed by 77 million people.

Unfortunately, Yaroslav was defeated by an equally gifted boy. This didn’t bother the infant, and she continued to follow her voice cues. The child prodigy is now eleven years old. She has grown a lot in four years and has become even more gorgeous.In addition to her vocal abilities, the young lady has mastered the art of art directing. She has appeared in three films with success.

Yaroslav has avoided the trappings of celebrity. She goes to school on a regular basis and acts like any other child her age. The girl has a lot of pals. She enjoys playing with toys and spending time with her loved ones in her spare time. Yaroslava has already released eleven tracks as well as a slew of music videos. The girl has a lovely voice and a lot of imagination. We’ll undoubtedly hear more about her in five years.

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