Hot Jezebel Dip

Who else remembers Hot Jezebel Dip (or sauce) from the good old days? You’re in luck if you’ve never heard of it before; this stuff is crazy good and can be used in a lot of different ways. But we’re getting off track. It’s not clear where this dip or sauce came from or what it’s named after, but it was very famous in the 1950s, as you can see from the many recipe books that have it. This is basically the perfect mix of sweet and savory sauces, with just the right amount of sour and spicy to make it extra tasty.

This dish is mostly made up of apricot preserves. Dijon mustard, horseradish, salt, and pepper are the only other things that make it what it is. It’s really sweet and spicy, and you can use it for many things after making it. We did what everyone else does and poured it over a block of cream cheese because we love the cool, creamy, tangy taste of cheese. But this Jezebel sauce would also be AMAZING on roasted pork belly or pork chops.

We’ve been making this for a year, and besides how good it tastes, the best part is probably seeing people’s faces light up when they take a bite and expect something sweet but instead get spicy and savory flavors. It’s great! Hot Jezebel Dip is always a hit, whether you make it because you know people will love it or just to see how funny they get when they try it.

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