If You See Square Waves Forming In The Ocean, Get Out Of The Water Immediately

This breathtaking sea phenomenon is best seen from the safety of the beach! When Mother Nature chooses to stretch her muscles, it’s wise to be cautious. After all, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes are all natural occurrences with the ability to cause widespread devastation and severe injury.

However, there is a lesser-known risk that usually does not send off the ordinary person’s warning bells. Cross waves are distinct marine phenomena that look like square waves. They are very uncommon and interesting to witness, but only from the safety of the beach.

Cross waves are created when opposing wave systems collide from various angles, resulting in waves that surpass 45 degrees. Strong winds form a grid-like pattern over the top of the water in storms with conflicting weather patterns.

As fascinating as it all seems, the danger lurks under the ocean’s surface. This is because cross waves conceal hazardous undercurrents that trap swimmers, surfers, and boats in their path. Cross waves, according to experts, considerably enhance the likelihood of accidents and shipwrecks since they are more powerful than riptides. They’ve taken down far bigger ships.

When you’re in or near water, be sure to obey any local weather forecasts and signs, since cross waves are certainly something you’ll want to see from the shore! The unusual occurrence is often seen in New Zealand and France’s Isle of Rhe, so use caution if you live or visit near these stunning coastlines.

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