The young girl was walking with her mother when she heard her favorite song.And then the unexpected happened…see and you will be amazed

Late-night walks through the streets can be fun whether you’re by yourself or with kids. Most people are at work in the morning, but they are free in the evening, which is when shopping malls are busiest. A lot of people leave their homes to have fun.A little girl and her mother were walking to the shopping center when the girl stopped to listen to her favorite music. She believed “Despacito” had done a wonderful job. The girl took off dancing and didn’t stop to catch her breath.

That the girl was happy was shown by her smile and dance. People in the area couldn’t keep quiet, so they got up and began to cheer. Though many people were now around her, the girl looked like she was in the arms of her dreams. She loved to sing and dance and was nine years old. She loved the way her favorite song was sung so much that she knew the artist and all the little details.

She danced through the whole song. Music critics said that the performance of the song was very good. The performance was great, and the dance to the music looked like it had almost no weight to it. In this way, the girl floated high above everything.

Because she was different and free, her mother didn’t want to put limits on her daughter. People were immediately interested in the young girl and felt better after seeing her. At the end of the song, everyone cheered and praised the dancer, suggesting she go to the shopping area to keep the crowd happy.
The little girl was thrilled by what they said, and as they left, she held your hand. At last, the busy evening was coming to an end.

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