A little boy grew up with cats, and now he loves his baby friends. Then something strange happened.

Cats have been around Ash since the day he was born. It’s easy to see why his mother, Athena, started the Jersey Kitty Rescue Network, a group whose goal is to protect animals. Some of their cats came from the streets and have special needs that they have to meet.

After a short time, the other cats eventually grouped around the kitten. “Interesting kitten!” was the unanimous feline judgment. The cats took turns taking care of the baby. Additionally, the baby’s cat Casper took care of watching over him while he slept and feeding him most of the time.

Athena quickly noticed that her son was becoming more interested in cats because she often found foster homes for new kittens. He was one of a kind because he only liked cats.As he got older, he became more aware of his job to take care of them. And with my mom’s help, I quickly learned how to be very careful when handling a cat.

And people who help the little guy are happy! But it works both ways. And they seem to understand each other perfectly when they talk! In addition, Ash loves to bundle up the kittens and hide his face in them to calm them down right away.

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