This amazing child couldn’t contain his excitement when he met his newborn sister. Their meeting was filmed.

Parents and other loved ones who are looking forward to the birth of a baby are always filled with joy and happiness. But this happiness also goes out to their brothers, who are there to see them be born and grow up.

When a new family member comes into the world, it can be hard for the first-born child.Some kids might be envious and not care about getting a brother or sister, while others might cry with joy because they see them as new friends to share their life with.

A video that recently went popular on Twitter showed this exact feeling: the pure love a child can feel for their new sister when they see her for the first time. As the boy sits in a chair and looks at the baby, tears start to fall from his eyes. “You can talk to her,” his mom tells him.

The boy takes a deep breath and looks down to think about what he should say to his sister. The father, who wasn’t on camera, said, “She can’t answer, but she knows what you’re going to say.” When the boy finally sees his little sister again, he says a shy “hello,” hugs her right away, and starts crying again. “This is the most beautiful thing you’ll see today,” the person who posted the video said.The sweet moment and the way the boy treats his sister make it clear that the two could become best friends in the future.

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