One-pot Texas Hash

There are times when you want a meal that is both easy and really tasty. That kind of food is Texas hash, which has lots of tasty spices. It’s comfort food with well-known items that is served in a way you may not have tried before.

Use a deep pan to cook the beef, dry spices, and vegetables for this dish. Then add olive oil and sauté.After that, you put in the water, Worcestershire sauce, and canned tomatoes. After that, you add the rice and let it cook for 20 minutes.

Anytime you want, you can make this recipe thinner by cooking it for a little longer, but I like it a little more wet. You get to decide.You can make this one-pot meal more or less spicy by adding jalapeños, hot sauce, or other spices at the beginning of the cooking process.

Also, this recipe is very flexible, so you can easily add other vegetables, either fresh or canned, like celery, carrots, fresh tomatoes, or anything else you happen to have on hand.This tasty dish is ready to serve when the rice is fully cooked and the sauce has reached the consistency you want. You can put cheese on top if you want to, but it tastes great either way.

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