Easy Penuche Fudge

We are still big fans of fudge and make it a point to try as many kinds as we can. However, the other day we came across a slightly different version that is kind of like fudge but not quite. Penuche (pronounced “peh-noo-chee”) looks a lot like fudge, but it’s not as heavy because milk is used instead of heavy cream. Also, brown sugar is mostly used instead of white sugar, which gives it a rounder, more caramel or toffee-like taste that is hard to stop eating.

There are different names for things that are made in different places, so it makes sense that there are also different ways to make penuche. For example, the amount of brown sugar, the type of milk (evaporated or fresh), and the nuts that are added can all be changed.There’s no bad way to make this, but we chose a simple method that doesn’t need a candy thermometer (yay!) and sets up quickly in the fridge. To make it, we mixed brown sugar and powdered sugar because we liked the taste of both and the powdered sugar helped the whole thing set up by making it a little thicker.

We added nuts to ours, both on top and throughout the mixture, to give it more flavor and crunch. Along with that important quarter teaspoon of salt, they also keep our penuche from being too sweet. This holiday season, try penuche instead of standard fudge.We love the taste; it’s kind of like a cross between fudge and toffee. We had to hide the food so we wouldn’t eat it all! We told you it would be addictingly tasty, and it’s a great change from all the other fudges we’ve made.

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