Most People Think These Cupboards Are Of No Use. Here’s How To Properly Use Them

If you want to make the most of the space you have at home or at work, you need storage options that are both creative and useful. No matter if it’s your business, your home, or somewhere else, smart storage options may make a big difference. Things can get messy and confusing in the kitchen when there isn’t enough room, which makes it hard to cook. How about the space in the cabinets above the fridge?

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Use the upper refrigerator cabinets to save room and find a way to store things that you might not have thought of. You can use these secret spots to get rid of clutter in your kitchen and make more room for storage. We will look at a few ways to get the most out of these cabinets and give examples of how they can be used in real life. Keeping tools that aren’t used very often in the space above the fridge

The drawers above the fridge are a great place to store kitchen tools that you don’t use very often. The following are some examples: This cabinet is great for you if you only use your food processor sometimes, like when you need to chop or slice things. Blender: Put your blender somewhere out of the way, but close enough that you can get it quickly when you want to make juice.

Waffle Maker: This cabinet should be used for important but rarely used tools like a waffle maker. You could use bins or baskets to help you order what’s in your cabinets. The following can be put together in this way: Put measuring cups, rolling pins, and pastry brushes in cases that are easy to read. Sort soups, sauces, and canned vegetables into clear plastic bins. Things you need for cooking: Put a basket somewhere easy to reach where you can store pot covers, oven mitts, and trivets.

Installing shelves or racks that can be moved around will help you make the most of the height of your space. Here are some things you can put away: You can stand your cookbooks on end to save space and show off your collection. Set up a few shallow shelves above the fridge to hold your spice jars and free up room. Wine glasses and other glasses should be kept on shelves so they stand up straight.

Keep large items and kitchen linens stored. You can store extra cooking towels and a lot of food in the cabinets above the fridge. Here’s how to make the most of this space: Put any extra rice, sugar, or flour in airtight packages and put them in the pantry. This will keep them fresh. Paper Towels: Make room on the table to store a bunch of tissues and paper towels.

Towels, dishtowels, and cleaning rags should all be kept in the same cabinet so that they are easy to get to. Put away holiday decorations and other special items in the empty space above the fridge. You can put small cabinets above the fridge to store things that you only use sometimes or at certain times of the year. Store your Christmas dishes, tablecloths, and other items until next year’s holiday season.

Put picnic blankets, outdoor dining accessories, and reusable plates somewhere easy to reach before you go on a journey in the warmer weather. You should keep your fine plates and fancy serving platters in a separate area of your home until you need them for a special occasion.To keep the cabinets above the fridge in good shape and safe, remember the following:

It’s helpful to keep your cabinets clean by regularly taking stock and getting rid of anything that’s not being used.To keep from getting hurt, you should use a strong step stool or ladder to reach inside these drawers.

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