You’ll never guess what Dallas beauty Victoria Principal looks like now…

Victoria Principal first appeared on Southfork Ranch as Pamela Barnes Ewing in the iconic CBS program Dallas 38 years ago. The actress was 27 when her on-screen alter-ego secretly married the endearing Bobby Ewing, who went on to become one of the most famous TV couples of all time. Fast forward nearly four decades, and Victoria, now 66, appears as gorgeous as ever, despite ditching the shoulder pads and dramatic earrings.

Victoria has been married twice in real life

After leaving the show that defined an era in 1987, the beauty still has her signature brown tresses and beautiful elegance. After launching her own cosmetics and production companies, the twice-married celebrity went on to become a best-selling author, publishing three books on beauty, skincare, and wellness. Victoria began her cinematic career with appearances in films such as The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) and The Naked Ape (1973).

Victoria Principal is still as beautiful as ever nearly four decades after Dallas first aired

The stunning actress even went naked in Playboy to promote the latter film, only five years before being unveiled as Bobby’s (Patrick Duffy) new wife, much to the chagrin of their bickering families. Victoria married Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Harry Glassman after a brief real-life marriage to Christopher Skinner, whom she met on the set of Dallas. After a 21-year marriage, the pair divorced in December 2006.

Despite her own chaotic love life, Victoria will be remembered for capturing the attention of viewers all over the world, who tuned in week after week to watch how the feuding Ewings and her on/off marriage to Bobby were faring. Fans may recall that her character famously “dreamed” an entire season of Dallas in which Bobby resurrected. While Victoria did not return for the 2012 revival, several of her former co-stars did, including Patrick, Linda Gray, Ken Kercheval, and, of course, JR’s Larry Hagman.

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