‘What A Beast!’ Huge Snake Found By Hiker Near South Carolina Creek

A hiker recently spotted a massive snake in Florence’s Jeffries Creek Park. If Indiana Jones had seen this, he would have turned around immediately. In a Facebook post shared with the South Carolina Hiking Club, Meredith Langley exclaimed over the snake-like item she had just spotted. Langley couldn’t help but notice how well the snake blended in with its surroundings.

Langley stated in her article, “This was a good teaching opportunity and example for my own kids who forget not to run ahead of me on trails!” Greg Lucas, a biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, identified a non-deadly brown water snake (Nerodia genus). The water snakes Lucas described appear larger than they are due to their thick, muscular bodies. Water snakes can grow to be between 30 and 60 inches long, according to him.

Langley claims that she and her children bring copperhead snakes on their weekly treks in the region. She also mentioned that water snakes and water moccasins are widespread in the area. Langley calculated that the snake she observed was at least four feet long when fully extended. “Wholly unafraid of us,” she said of the beast.”It stood there watching me with stillness and reserve, without aggression or fear.”

That told me that this species was confident in its ability to defend itself if necessary, but it did not need to expend that energy unnecessarily,” Langley explained. She thanked him for the opportunity to witness the creature and then went away. “That area is its home, not ours, and my children and I maintain that respect and reverence anytime we are out in nature,” she said.

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