This 2-year-old boy’s hair was styled by a stylist. He is amazing

These shows are typically attended by women. They have a lot of problems that they solve by transforming. However, children can also come to change. So George decided to make a change. His mother brought him to the stylists despite the fact that he is only two years old. He understands everything despite the fact that he does not speak well. The boy has a problem: his hair is extremely curly, and his head resembles a dandelion.

From the outside, it appears to be very amusing and pleasant, but first and foremost, it is difficult to care for such a heap, and secondly, children and sometimes adults constantly make fun of the boy, adding to the problem of future complications. The stylists recognized the gravity of the situation and promised to assist. I decided to shave off the majority of this “dandelion.”

Despite his age, the child sat on the chair responsibly and did not interfere with the craftsmen’s work. The temples and neck were completely shaved, leaving only the parietal and frontal areas of the head with hair. This hairstyle is trendy and flattering on George. The mother is overjoyed because her child will now be fashionable and no one will dare to mock him. When George saw his reflection, he was ecstatic and exclaimed, “Wow!”

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