The bride made an unexpected confession to the groom’s ex-wife and son during the wedding.

During the ceremony, the bride unexpectedly got down on one knee in front of the groom’s four-year-old son to say the vows. Katie Musser, a 24-year-old from Pennsylvania, married Jeremy Wade. The couple met in 2013, just before the birth of his son, Landon. Katie struggled to discover a common language with the boy’s mother, Casey, but the ladies grew “used” to each other over time.

Katie unexpectedly turned to Landon and his mother during the wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom were due to say their vows. “Casey, I want to thank you for accepting me as a friend and letting me be a part of Landon’s life,” she went on to say. — I vow to be an excellent “bonus” mommy for your boy. I’ll always teach, advise, and love him.”

According to the bride, no matter what happens in life, she will always treat them with tenderness. Katie assured them that they will always be a huge family. Katie’s speech had an impact on Landon. Katie was able to personally tell the priest what was collecting in her soul after the priest summoned the boy to the altar. “Landon,” she whispered, her eyes welling up with tears. — I adore you more than words can express.

I’ve had the good fortune to know you since you were born. I’ve watched you grow up, and you’ll always be a big part of my life. I’m overjoyed that I officially became your “bonus” mother today.” Landon, impressed by Katie’s genuine comments, hugged and kissed her. Casey, the groom’s ex—wife, couldn’t stay silent either. “It was a big surprise for us,” she admitted. — But we should have expected this because Katie is a genuine and compassionate person. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her.”

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