She Was At Work When Her Boss Called Her To His Office Urgently

CNBC’s “Profit” television show is popular among some viewers. In it, self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis assists struggling small businesses by lending them his own money.Marcus Lemonis has long recognized the importance of making employees happy with their positions and ensuring that they are acknowledged for their contributions. His philosophy is to be fair and courteous to his employees. This increases their commitment to their employment, making them more productive in the long run.

Tami Forbes owns and operates the Key West Key Lime Pie Company shop. Tami barely makes about $500 USD per week, despite doing everything from marketing to stocking the shelves.
Tami also has two sets of twins, both of whom are eight years old, and she is expecting her third child. Tami works nine hours a day at that job and also works a second job to make ends meet. Of course, when she gets home from work, she has to be a parent.

Tami was concerned about how she would pay her bills while on maternity leave. “I’m going to need your assistance before you leave.” I need to get some things done, and you’ll be our leader here. “However, in order for you to have some peace of mind, I wanted to give you some money,” Marcus continues. Tami is then given full salary throughout her maternity leave, with the prospect of a raise when she returns to work. “It means everything to know that I can live on my pay and still save money… “I’ve never had it like that before,” she says.

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