Aloha Chicken And Rice

We associate Hawaii with pleasant island breezes, rainbows, and delicious food. When we can’t go away to soak up the first two items on our list, we may make the last one right in our own kitchen: wonderful food. We’ve discovered the perfect recipe to send our taste buds on a tropical vacation: Aloha chicken and rice. It’s a delectable blend of savory, salty, and sweet flavors that will liven up any weeknight meal routine.

We only needed a few pantry items and a few fresh ingredients to bring the taste of Hawaii to our dinner table. Pantry staples are a terrific way to make quick dinners, so one item we usually keep on hand is instant rice. Rice is a quick and easy way to add heartiness to a meal when we need to add substan

These pantry staples benefit from the addition of fresh ingredients. Bell peppers give color and crunch, while chopped green onions provide a spicy blast of flavor. We use chicken tenders because they cook quickly, and we all know that adding bacon to a meal improves the flavor, so a couple of strips of chopped bacon are a great way to add additional flavor.Our kitchen is filled with a warm and welcoming aroma as this bakes in the oven.

The mix of savory soy sauce, sweet honey and pineapple, al dente rice, and delicate chicken is one of our favorites. Colorful food is appealing, which is why we like to utilize bell peppers and green onions for both flavor and appearance. When we can’t go away to a tropical island paradise, we can at least try to bring part of the island life home with us, and our Aloha chicken and rice is just what we need to add a taste of vacation to a weeknight meal.

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