Ellen DeGeneres Recalls Being Victimized as a Kid by Her Stepfather

Ellen DeGeneres discusses being sexually abused as a young teen in the upcoming second season of David Letterman’s show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. She was brave enough to admit that her stepfather had done this to her, and she warned other ladies not to be damaged in the same way. Ellen wanted to relate this heinous experience so that no other woman would have to go through something similar. Her thoughts serve as a reminder of the strength and fortitude required to endure such traumatic situations.

Ellen DeGeneres recounts a deeply personal story of her dad and mother’s breast cancer battle. Her mother had already left, and he’d informed Ellen that he’d discovered a lump in his wife’s breast. He also asked Ellen to allow him feel her breasts to help him figure out what it was. She tried to keep the problem hidden from her mother, but her stepfather kept entering her room without her permission.

She fled through a window to protect herself and save her mother from further harm. Ellen DeGeneres broke the dreadful news to her mother about her stepfather’s sexual assault, which she had kept concealed for years. Despite her admission, her mother lived with him for another 18 years. This was due, among other things, to her belief that she couldn’t say anything about his actions.

This is still an issue today, as many victims are not believed or supported, and their experiences are dismissed – particularly when strong guys are involved. Ellen’s rage has driven her to speak up so that other victims might rediscover their voices and stand up for themselves. It is time for those who have been wronged to retake power and influence over their life.

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