My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Want To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner I Cook, Plans To Bring Her Own Meals

The woman who held Thanksgiving at her house had spent almost a month planning the food. She carefully gathered all the things she would need for the event and set up a big meal. It didn’t last long, though, because her husband told her that his mother was going to bring her own food. This is what the woman said in response: The 32-year-old woman was getting ready to host Thanksgiving.

The whole month was spent making plans for the food and getting the recipes just right. She was so excited as she served her family and friends the delicious food she had made. During the whole process, her 35-year-old husband was a great source of support and motivation. All the ingredients were bought, and she planned a wide range of tasty meals, including some classics and some new ones.

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The woman wrote to Reddit on a day when her husband told her something shocking: his mother always brought her own food when she came to visit. The woman was confused by the rule because she had already made more than enough food for herself.In response, her husband or wife called her heartless and small-minded and blamed her for ruining the holiday. As an excuse, her husband said that his mother was a “grade-A picky eater” who wouldn’t “like” anything she made.

She thought this was a silly point and said that many of the things on her menu were already known to customers. Her bringing her own food was a “good compromise” in his eyes, even though his mother didn’t agree. The wife didn’t want to do it because she thought her mother-in-law eating something else in front of everyone would make her look bad about the food she cooked. Because the woman had spent so much time, money, and effort making dinner, she thought her mother-in-law’s request was rude and disrespectful.

She was angry and told her husband that his mother could eat whatever she wanted at home if she couldn’t eat anything at their flat. In response, her husband or wife called her heartless and small-minded and blamed her for ruining the holiday. Now, the woman had a different view of the matter. Instead of being criticized for her work and called names for her food, all she wanted was to be with people who would respect her and her efforts.

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The woman thought that getting ready for Thanksgiving was an act of love, and she gladly did it as a way to show her loved ones how much she appreciated them. She thought about whether she was wrong not to want her MIL to join if she was going to turn down everything she had planned. When asked, the woman showed off the Thanksgiving meal she had made. Meals like roasted turkey, stuffing, and rich mashed potatoes were always on the menu.

With the au gratin, she planned to serve boiled potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. To make it extra special, she roasted the squash and served it with goat cheese and rolls she made herself.A special lasagna with white sauce, stuffed mushrooms, and spinach, bacon, and feta cheese pies were served along with the usual honey-glazed ham and braised short ribs.

There was pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie on the menu to satisfy everyone’s sweet taste. Her wife was shocked to learn that her mother-in-law couldn’t eat a single thing on the huge menu.The woman changed her first article to thank readers for their comments and to say how much she appreciated all the responses she had gotten. Following the comments, she admitted that they made her feel bad and chose the “kill her with kindness” plan.

She was stressed out and tired, but her main goal was to make sure everyone had a great Thanksgiving. She wanted to let her mother-in-law know she was welcome and keep her mind off of any complaints by talking about her other guests. The woman decided she wouldn’t let her MIL ruin her day. Instead, she chose to behave like the grown-up family member she is. She was sure that the mother of her in-laws would be mad, but she still hoped that she would try something new and enjoy it. Still, she said over and over that it was fine if her MIL didn’t like anything.

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