Every time we go out to eat, my husband’s sister “conveniently forgets” her wallet. I took it once in secret.

THE LATESTEvery time we go out to eat, my husband’s sister “conveniently forgets” her wallet. I stole it once by World WideIt came out on November 18, 2023.
Because her sister-in-law kept forgetting to pay and making up lame reasons when they went out to eat, a woman had to pay the bills over and over again without getting paid back. She came up with a great plan one day, much to her SIL’s rising irritation, because she was determined to solve the problem.

On August 31, 2022, an unknown woman posted something on Reddit’s “AITA” thread to find comfort in the large online community there. With more than 11 million members, this online safe space gives people a place to talk about their disagreements without violence and figure out where they stand in a fight. The woman, who was 28 years old and used Reddit, often had problems with her sister-in-law, who was 26 years old and went by the name “Amy.”

When Amy came from out of town, she decided to stay with the woman’s family instead of booking a hotel, and the woman was happy to let her. Amy’s love of eating at fancy places, on the other hand, caused problems. The woman noticed that Amy kept forgetting her wallet and making up reasons not to pay her part of the bill, which was getting annoying. “Every time I expect her to pay her share, she forgets her wallet or makes up an excuse,” the woman said.

Making things even worse, Amy made it sound like the woman, not her husband, should pay the bill by pointing out that they didn’t make as much money. Even though the woman made a good living, it wasn’t nearly enough to pay for cooking someone’s expensive dinners every time they came to town. Even though the woman had tried to get the money back before, Amy always ignored her calls for reimbursement.

On one evening, things got really tense. Because Amy had made a table at a pricey restaurant, the woman had to stand up for herself by making it very clear that she would not be paying Amy’s bill.”Before we left, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be paying her bill,” the woman said. “She had made a reservation at a very expensive restaurant last night.” Following an episode of “Two and a Half Men,” the woman came up with a great way to teach her sister-in-law a lesson.

One day, Amy and the woman’s husband went to the car while they were getting ready for the restaurant. The original poster took advantage of the chance by acting like they forgot and went inside. She found Amy’s wallet sitting on top of her bag, which stood out. She hid it in her bag in a sneaky way and quickly joined them for dinner. When the meal was over, the woman stood up and asked for two different bills.

Amy quickly turned down the idea, saying that she had “forgotten” another handbag. “[This] wallet?” she asked as she took Amy’s wallet out of herbag without being upset. What Amy did was nothing short of explosive. She was so angry that she was unable to hold back her words: the woman had clearly broken the rules by messing with her items. The woman went to Reddit’s “AITA” community for help as she tried to figure out if her risky wallet move made her the bad person in the complicated story of family relations and proper money management.

At the same time, her post got a lot of attention, and she had to deal with so many awards and comments that she couldn’t keep up. In a strange turn of events, Amy called her and told her she was mad about being “bad-mouthed” online. However, the woman stayed firm, hoping that all the comments would give Amy the wake-up call she needed. How do you feel about this story? Was the person on Reddit wrong to take the woman’s wallet, give it to her at the restaurant, and then show her off to everyone?

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