When the waiter brought her bill, the poor old lady started to cry.

Someone left after helping an older woman find a quiet place to eat. But not long after that, she saw her cry so hard when she saw the bill. Littleaprilroses was used to having different people over at the restaurant where he worked. But he noticed one person in particular. When an older woman who looked nice walked in, she looked lost while she was filling in as a host.

Reddit users tried to seat her in the main eating area, but the woman asked to be moved to a less noisy area where she could talk to her son. The waiter looked all around, but there were no more places open. After almost an hour, one table finally became available. It was the original poster (OP) who showed the woman a place and then left to help other guests. Later, she realized something was wrong with her.

The OP wrote, “After about 30 minutes, I saw that her son still wasn’t there.” After another 30 minutes, she’s still sitting by herself.The woman kept poking at her food and looking at her phone, which made her look antsy. The woman stayed where she was and looked upset, even though later guests left early. After a short time, the OP heard another waitress talking to the boss about the customer at table 11. Someone at work asked her what had happened when she saw that it was the older woman’s table. What the OP said was:

“Plus her son was supposed to pay, but he never showed up or called to say he couldn’t.” The old woman broke down in tears and said that the bill made her feel like a dark cloud was over her. The boss went straight to her table. She couldn’t do anything to help her. Everyone felt bad because her boss told her she didn’t have to pay for the food when she left. It also said in the OP:

“She said she was sorry several times and would pay for her food tomorrow.”As she was leaving, the OP heard her leave a message on her son’s voicemail. She seemed worried, so she asked him if he was okay. It didn’t bother her that he didn’t show up. People started to fight about whether the woman would pay her bill after the OP posted the story on social media.

What did Redditors say about OP’s story? Some Redditors thought the older woman was lying about everything to get free food and get out of there on foot. This was strongly denied by a Reddit user called 20InMyHead, who said: A con artist probably wouldn’t wait 45 minutes for a quiet place. The fact that she didn’t pay the next day could mean that she really needed her son to pay since she can’t.

The person also said that the diner staff might be too nice, but that they’d know if she was a con artist if she came back the next day. A mother over 50 and her son got together for lunch every Wednesday, which was similar to what LaMalintzin saw. Some users got mad when they read his update and said they were going to call their mom right away. “One Wednesday, she came in and waited for him.”

“When she finally called him, he had to remind her that he had to work that day and that they couldn’t go to lunch as planned,” the person said. In the same thread, 2068857539 told a tale about an old woman with dementia who was expecting her late husband and son to arrive. She lost her memory, got lost, and had trouble focusing, among other things.The OP asked his boss if the older woman he met was having the same issues, but didn’t hear back. “She did pay her bill, and she even told me why he wasn’t there that night,” she said.

The OP said the woman forgot about their lunch time and mixed up the dates, which is a sign of dementia in its early stages. Some users got mad when they read his update and said they were going to call their mom right away. Someone on Reddit called zompreacher wrote, “Oh my god, my heart! It’s really loud! It sounds like my mom: “I’m going to call her right now.” The OP said she thought the same thing.

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