Bride Calls Police on Groom’s Mother Right Before Wedding Ceremony, and He Backs Her Up

After a one-year engagement, a 28-year-old woman was thrilled to marry her 34-year-old fiancé. The woman, like any bride-to-be, wanted to look her best on her wedding day and wasn’t expecting any complications. However, things did not proceed as planned. The woman posted a frightening incident from her wedding day on Reddit, asking other users if she was to blame for her harsh reaction.

Before telling her story, the woman recalled a few incidents from her life. The woman’s mother gave her a pair of earrings on her engagement as a family custom, assuring her that ladies in their family from each generation had worn those earrings on their wedding day. The bride-to-be admitted that the earrings reminded her of her late grandmother, who died shortly after her engagement. She went on to say that receiving the family relic made her feel honored, and that she intended to wear the earrings on her wedding day. She disclosed:

“They are 4.00ct dangling earrings, and they are worth a lot.”The bride-to-be went shopping with her mother, sister, and fiancé’s mother three months after her engagement. She brought all of her bridal jewelry, including the heirloom earrings, because she was so excited to discover the perfect wedding gown. That was the first time the groom’s mother saw the earrings and commented on how lovely they were.

While the bride-to-be was looking for her dream wedding gown, her mother told the groom-to-be’s mother the story behind the ancestral earrings. The woman and her mother had no idea that those jewels would create a squabble on their wedding day. What took place on the wedding day. Looking forward to having the time of her life, the bride had kept everything ready in her room, including her wedding gown, jewels, shoes, flowers, and makeup, so she wouldn’t have to look for anything at the last minute.

Her fiancé’s mother entered her room before she was ready and stayed until something unexpected happened. The bride remembered going to the restroom while her fiancé’s mother was in her room, but when she returned, the woman had vanished. The bride wasn’t sure why her soon-to-be mother-in-law had abruptly left the room at first, but all made sense when she saw her antique earrings were missing. She stated:

“I knew straight away that she had taken them.” The young woman left her room, hoping to reclaim her valuable earrings, and confronted her fiancé’s mother, who denied removing the earrings. When the bride saw her reaction, she wanted to inspect her handbag, but the woman refused. As a result, the woman threatened her soon-to-be mother-in-law by threatening to contact the cops. Because the woman was not cooperating, she contacted 911 on her phone, and soon after, everyone watched the cops retrieve the heirloom earrings from the woman’s bag.

The police asked the bride if she wanted to seek charges against her fiancé’s mother at that point, but she wasn’t sure. When she told her fiancé about it, he agreed with her and stated he wouldn’t mind if she wanted his mother to face legal consequences. What happened after that? The bride told other Redditors that the groom’s mother was barred from attending the wedding, and her fiancé didn’t mind because he had never had a good connection with her. Furthermore, his father was unconcerned because he was already divorced.

The bride and groom turned off their phones and enjoyed the evening with friends and family. After the wedding, however, the bride received threatening messages and phone calls from the groom’s relatives. Her mother-in-law also sent her derogatory text messages.

The woman wanted to press charges against her mother-in-law for taking her earrings after getting those messages, but she wasn’t sure what the ramifications would be. She shared her tale on Reddit in order to get feedback from other people. Do you believe the bride did the right thing by reporting her mother-in-law to the police and forcing her out of the wedding? Should she have forgiven the woman instead of holding her accountable for her actions?

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