She decided to help her friend to become a mom. A few months later a real surprise was expecting her

In 2011, Andrea Rivas and Sandi Palmisano from Martinsburg met on the internet. It was their dream to have children, and both women were part of an IVF support group.
The Rivas and Palmisano couples went to the Infertility Treatment Center to get help. Two years later, Andrea, who was 30 at the time, got pregnant again with the help of IVF. Nine months later, she gave birth to twins Conor and Avery. And all of 47-year-old Sunday’s tries failed…

It’s been two years now. They never had any kids with Palmisano. After that, Andrea chose to give Sandi a gift she will always remember. Andrea offered to help her carry the child! The woman got pregnant the second time she tried. An ultrasound showed that Andrea is once again having twins, this time a boy and a girl. Blue and Grayson were born through a foster mother.

The women were now content, and their friendship grew stronger. The Rivas family was soon in for a treat, though. Andrea felt pain in her lower belly a few months after Sandi gave birth to twins. She decided to get checked out. She found herself pregnant again, this time with twins that she had naturally.

Before, doctors told them that they would not be able to have children on their own. With the help of a C-section, she had two girls, named Leah and Alice. Right now, the mother of many has her attention on raising four kids.

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