As soon as people find out why the new mom has to sleep on the floor, they get very angry.

A new mother requires a lot of love and support to be strong and offer her child and family the best she can. Her partner must also be supportive. This story makes you consider how not everyone feels the same way. Anyone who has been a new parent understands how difficult it is to get enough sleep in the beginning. While not getting enough sleep is a major concern, most parents are willing to sacrifice it for the sake of their children.

And most people expect to lose sleep during the first few years of parenthood. However, one father appeared to be caught off guard. He disclosed his predicament on a public forum, and his problem enraged many people. His fiancee, Jen, 29, had given birth two months before and was naturally still breastfeeding their child. This, of course, meant that the couples’ sleep, particularly the mother’s, had been disrupted.

The new dad noted that while he assists with infant care during the day, such as changing diapers, his fianceé Jen takes responsibility at night. He stated that he had recently launched a video game development firm, but it had not yet taken off, and they could not live on the money he was making from his company alone. He explained that in order to pay the bills, he also had a 9-5 job. In his own company, he worked with four other people to create video games.

When he gets home from work, he has supper with his fianceé and cares for the baby for a time before sitting down to work on the game. He works till 2 a.m. some evenings and is so exhausted. He snores extremely loudly due to exhaustion. He noted that the baby had his 2-month immunization the day before and was cranky. It was difficult for his fianceé to sleep because the baby was wailing more than usual. When he arrived at 2 a.m., she asked him to sleep on the couch in case his snoring woke the baby. He flatly refused.

He told his fiancee that he didn’t believe it was fair that he had to sleep on the sofa. He explained that he had to get up early for work and that he needed to sleep properly. She did not dispute with him, simply calling him a ‘fucking moron’ and leaving the room with the baby. He awoke in the morning to discover her sleeping on the floor next to the baby’s crib. She refused to talk to him since she didn’t have a pillow or a blanket.

He asked everyone in the forum if he had done something wrong and should apologize. Of course, many were angry with him!People pointed out that the manner he described the baby was incorrect. They were offended when he referred to caring for his own child as ‘helping out.’ They pointed out that he wasn’t ‘helping’ out, but rather rearing his own child! He was mocked as an imbecile. “You’re the idiot,” one person wrote.

And what do you mean you assist with diaper changing? As a parent, it is your responsibility. You cannot look after your own children.” They also stated that he lacked empathy for his partner and child. People stated that they would go to great measures to better their child’s life and that there is a distinction between being a father and a sperm donor.

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