The poor old lady began to cry when the waiter brought her bill.

Someone helped an older woman find a quiet spot to eat, then left. But a short time later, she saw her cry uncontrollably when she saw the bill. At the restaurant where little aprilroses worked, he was used to having different people over. But one customer stood out to him. An older woman who looked nice walked in and looked confused while she was filling a host shift.

Someone on Reddit attempted to seat her in the main dining area, but she requested to be transferred to a quieter place so she could speak with her kid. The waiter looked around, but no more chairs were available. After nearly an hour, one table became available. The individual who wrote the initial posting (OP) seated the woman before leaving to assist other guests. Later on, she realized something was amiss with her.

“After about 30 minutes, I noticed that her son was still not there,” the OP added. After another 30 minutes, she is still sitting alone. The woman appeared agitated as she poked at her food and constantly checked her phone. Even the later visitors went early, but the woman remained and appeared sad. After a little while, the OP overheard another waiter discussing the customer at table 11 with the boss. She questioned her coworker about what had happened when she noticed it was the elderly woman’s table. The OP entered:

“On top of that, her son was supposed to pay, but he never showed up or called to cancel.”The older woman began to cry and stated that seeing the bill made her feel as if a dark cloud was hovering over her. The boss approached her table and sat down. She was unable to assist her. Everyone felt guilty because the supervisor informed her she didn’t have to pay for the food when she left. In addition, the OP stated:

“She said she was sorry several times and said she would pay for her food tomorrow.”As she was leaving, the OP heard her leave a message on her son’s voicemail. She inquired about his well-being since she sounded concerned. The woman was unconcerned about his absence. People began debating whether the woman would return to pay her payment after the OP shared the tale on social media.

What did Redditors think of the OP’s story? Some Reddit users believed the older woman had lied about everything to acquire free dinner and walk home. A Reddit member known as 20InMyHead fiercely refuted these assertions, writing: A con artist would not wait 45 minutes for a peaceful area, in my opinion. And the fact that she didn’t pay the next day could indicate that she was counting on her son to pay since she couldn’t.

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