The Way You Spread Butter On Toast Says A Lot About Your Personality, According To A Research

According to studies, even the most mundane actions, such as how we spread butter on toast, can reveal a lot about ourselves. Human behavior researcher Darren Stanton has classed people into four sorts of spreaders in collaboration with the plant-butter company Flora: gliders, lumpers, total coverage spreaders, and crust avoiders. Let’s see if anyone can recognize these butter spreaders by going over a few of their distinct styles.

The way you butter bread reveals hidden personality traits: Expert

Gliders, according to Stanton, are individuals who spread toast evenly by skipping the butter and instead sliding their knife across the bread. This method was chosen by nearly half of those polled, indicating a laid-back and relaxed demeanor. Gliders are excellent listeners and empaths because to their ability to remain cool under duress. Their ability to navigate through life without being hampered by stress or obstacles is like butter: it is equally dispersed.

Total coverage spreaders account for 19% of the population; they carefully spread butter all the way to the toast’s edges. This method exhibits systematic order and precision. Total Coverage Spreaders are often the go-getters among their friends and acquaintances due to their thoroughness-oriented personality and aptitude for planning. The 6% of Clumpers consider their irregularly spread butter as a symbol of their unconventional thinking.

The Way You Butter Toast Says a Lot About Your Personality? - 93.7 K COUNTRY

People like this live in a cocoon, doing things their own way, and are habitually late to appointments as a fashion statement. They are careless with the butter spread, reflecting their disorganized lifestyle. Crust Avoiders make up around 5% of adults who do not butter their crust.

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